View from across US-1
Grove Central View 1
View from SW 27th Ave.
Aerial View
View from Intersection of US-1 and SW 27th Ave.
Pedestrian Plaza
Sky Lobby
Pool Deck

Grove Central is a dynamic transit-oriented development that brings together residential and community-driven retail for the ultimate pedestrian experience in Coconut Grove’s urban core.

The position and configuration of the property encourages pedestrian flow in all directions as people move to and from the train and buses, the surrounding neighborhoods, or on paths deeper into Coconut Grove itself.

172K SF of Neighborhood Oriented Retail

Resilient, Sustainable Electric Car Charging, Storm Water Reuse, Solar Rooftop Panels

Community-oriented retail to complement your lifestyle


As one of Miami’s most popular neighborhoods, Coconut Grove has long been known for its enviable waterfront along Biscayne Bay and the lush tree canopy of its residential streets. Grove Central is centrally positioned in the heart of the Grove at the intersection of US-1 and SW 27th Avenue, and was envisioned as an extension of the Coconut Grove lifestyle and vibe. 

Located in the heart of Miami, yet with all the idyllic charm of an intimate neighborhood, Coconut Grove makes for an unparalleled destination for leisure, pleasure, business and more. The exceptional location connects residents and visitors to the area’s most desirable destination to live, work and shop.